Sunday, August 30, 2009

Arsenal fantasy kits

Full name: Arsenal Football Club
City: London
League: Premier League
Stadium: Emirates Stadium
Fouded: 1886
Shirt sponsor: Emirates
Kit manufacturer: Nike

Also known as Gunners, their traditional kit is red shirt with white sleeves. Here is my version of the Gunners kit, a little bit diferrent than traditional.
The home kit is used often with red socks in away games.
The away kit like most Arsenal fan want, yellow and blue, suitable for games against Man. United, Liverpool, Villa, West Ham, Burnley, Stoke City.
Third kit I preferred all in dark blue (can be used with white short, against Sunderland), some said it clashes with the away kit, but I think its perfect for international games against Galatasaray or even all white kits.


  1. Hello All Well I just met your site, I congratulate you, your great creations. I wanted to give you a hint! As there are many people curious about the uniforms of the countries affiliated to FIFA. Because you do not create the uniforms of all teams in the world. It would be great, in addition to his creativity and good taste! CONGRATULATIONS! Pugina --->

  2. Exceptional design and can you please forward this on to Arsenal FC.

  3. Realy great would love it when they use this next season great job.

  4. quite nice the home one... but the away n 3rd jersey doesnt suit with that color....

  5. I think it's good for the home kit, but you can't have the same design on all 3 kits. That's just boring!

  6. Of course you can't have. United has this year the same design for home, away and Gk. But you want different for every team, that means only for Premier League 20teams x 3kits (home, away and third) = 60 different designs/year. That's realy fantasy :))))

  7. Awsome kit the one with nasri text. looks futurish and as someone said earlier - please forward to!!!!!

  8. there awesome i like the home and away kit best the third kit should have white socks and one white strip down the sides try it see if it look good but there still amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! x give it to the man in charge of the kit because that should definitely be there kit!!!!!!!!!!1

  9. Fuck me these are far nicer than the real ones! nobody would want to leave arsenal if the clobber was this good haha