Saturday, August 8, 2009

My first love (in football) F.K. Crvena Zvezda

Full name: Fudbalski klub Crvena zvezda
City: Belgrade
League: Jelen Superliga
Stadium: Stadion Crvena Zvezda (Maracana)
Fouded: 1945
Shirt sponsor: TOYOTA
Kit manufacturer: NIKE

I will start with my first love: Crvena Zvezda Beograd (Red Star Belgrade), love I inherited from my grandfather and my father since I was little kid. I will not write about club, this is not my purpose here, I will post four version of the fantasy kits I made for this club. The design was inspired from the glory period (when Red Star become European and World Champion). This is my favorit, red and white striped shirt, white short and red socks.

The same shirt with red short, a very usual combination, especially in their glory days.For the away games I made an predominant white with two red stripes instead of an all white, clashes a bit with the home version but for games against red/white teams here is a third kit all blue.


  1. Hi zoran,

    I saw your Marseille kit in FSC and I liked it a lot, good luck with your blog, and if you could someday design kits for Mexico =)

  2. Hola Luis,
    thanks for good thoughts, someone proposed me to draw the kits for the 32 qualified teams for the next World Cup, and I will try to do it. If Mexico will be there (and I hope they will be) I will make them a beautifull kit. If not will make anyway because you asked me :)

  3. Cao Zorane,

    I run to your blog by chance and I must say I like it. I like the idea of thinking different and that's what you are doing, mostly. I still have't seen all you creations (which I intend to do) but I must say that so far Inter and Arsenal looks positively different and "brave", although such templates probably will never happen. I liked Boca, Porto, Valencia, Bayern too.
    If you don't mind I'd say a few things which I would change (hopefully you will take this as a positive critics) - even thoug I really like "simple" designs I must say some of designs were "too" simple - for example Serbia, maybe you could have changed something about the collar or sleves. Also the color is too predictable. I was always strong voter for darker red and dark dark blue shorts. Also - any other - out of expected template would be great (I still remember that totally unexpected dark blue shirt in 98. and I loved it so much). Also Red Star kit is too plain, almost exact as past few years (unfortunately RS is not the exclusive team for Nike and get new shirt every 2 or 3 years, which is shame, while in the same time Partizan gets from Kappa 3-4 new versions every summer). I'd really appreciate something fresh in forthcoming period for RS if you find time (though I did like the version of red stripes in mostly white kit - the away one I think). Man Utd is also too much alike to last season's and the last Umbro's kit few years ago...
    One more thing, your new vision of Adidas template is realy something and I liked. But applying it to every team just changing colors is too "adidas" for me, as they do the same thing. Hope you don't mind the observation.

    Anyway, keep up the good work man, you really have talent!

  4. Zdravo Dusane,
    I could answer you in Serbian but as I see your English is very good, so for the ather readers I will do it in English.
    First of all many thanks for your time and patience (spet on waching my work), and also for your kind thougths. About critics, just go on, I'm avare that my designs can be improved. I doo my best I can.
    About adidas designs, and not just adidas, it's true that I use a base design and adapt to different teams. It's very hard to make different for each team. And I just do this for fun. No obligations. Some of the designs are bold, some not, some are inovative some are traditional. Depends on my mood, inspiration, time.
    There will be a new fantasy Red Star kit. On my other blog I started with real kits, I intend to do some of their kits.

    Thanks again and visit my blog often, I have lots of drawings waiting to be made and post here.

  5. how do you make these amazing kits? what software/program do you use?

  6. Hi zoran are you serbian?? I'm serbian

    Your kits are very very very very very very very nice and cool
    cao zoki :D

  7. I'm Serbian and Hungarian. Glad you like my kits :)