Sunday, September 20, 2009

A.S. Monaco fantasy kits

Full name: Association Sportive de Monaco Football Club
City: Monaco
League: Ligue 1
Stadium: Stade Louis II
Fouded: 1924
Shirt sponsor: FEDCOM, HSBC
Kit manufacturer: PUMA

I used a design similar with the other Puma template of mine. For the home kit I made a several variants, combining the red short and socks with the white ones (variants used by A.S. Monaco). A first standard design with white short and socks.
A second variant with red short and white socks (classic for the 8o's).
A third version with red short and socks.
The fourth version has white short and red socks.
Because of the design of the shirt (with two halfs in different colours) must be used more away kits. I made three versions all red, all white and all dark grey. The all red is used in games against all white teams.
The all white is needed against teams with all red kits.
The dark grey kit is used in games against striped shirts in white and red colours.

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