Friday, October 16, 2009

Celtic Glasgow fantasy kits

Full name: The Celtic Football Club
City: Glasgow
League: Scottish Premier League
Stadium: Celtic Park
Fouded: 1888
Shirt sponsor: CARLING
Kit manufacturer: Nike

Another remake, this template was used for Serbia and Manchester United too. Initialy was made for Celtic because of the hoops. There was a controversy about the design, some people saying that Celtic will never wear this kind of kit. Agree with them, but only time will tell us who is right. This is a fantasy design, and I like it very much, and everyone could make an abstraction that is about Celtic and look at the design itself. There are some improvements to the design, the hoops on the sleeves, the crest and the number.
The away kit is all dark green with green shades.
The third kit is yellow whit black, very usual colours for Celtic's change kit (away or third).


  1. can you believe a girl is reading about fantasy football. lol

    my mandie reed

  2. I like the green one especially, and also the yellow with black one.
    Honestly I don't like the first one, Celtic's home kit must be with horizontal stripes and not bended stripes.

  3. I truely like the 1st & 2nd.
    For the 3rd (yellow), I'd prefer dark green (e.g. bottle green) rather than black...

  4. i like the first two but i dont lke the 3rd kit it looks horrible