Saturday, October 24, 2009

F.K. Sutjeska Nikšić fantasy kits update

After some indications from Petar, who is Sutjeska fan and know more things about the club then I do, I updated the kits for F.K. Sutjeska Nikšić. The basic colour was changed into lighter shade of blue, and the yellow/gold was eliminated from the kits, besides the names and numbers. The home shirt is the same design but predominant white colour (by changing the sleeves from blue to white).

The all blue kit was changed into light blue and white pinstripes.The all white kit was changed also, the yellow/gold pinstripes transformed into light blue.

The yellow/gold third kit was eliminated because of the resemblance with F.C. Mogren's colour (also told by Petar) and I used a template made for Real and Benfica. This colour scheme was also requested, personally I'm not so impresed with it.

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  1. Foarte fain,
    Tine-o tot asa pana la urma te cauta de la o firma de echipamente.