Sunday, October 4, 2009

Middlesborough Futsal Contest (kit 11)

I started this version with a new approach, design and colour also. The blue and red combination is not realy my favorit, therefore I replaced the red with a darker shade (blood red). The design is based on an orizontal panel on the shirt, obtained by combining the errea logo. This feature is used on the socks too. On the trims of the sleeves and short is a part of errea logo (also on the back of the short). From the edges of the errea shapes starts the stiches between different fabrics (more perforated fabric for the parts that need more ventilation).
After the finish of the kit I changed the base colour from blue to navy blue as is requested in this competition, and made two other kits. For the first I combined the navy blue with blood red.
The more accurate version will be this one, with navy blue and red (as is used in the team's crest).

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