Saturday, October 3, 2009

Panathinaikos Athens fantasy kits

Full name: P.A.E. Panathinaikos
City: Athens
League: Super League Greece
Stadium: Olympic Stadium Athens
Fouded: 1908
Shirt sponsor: COSMOTE/OTE
Kit manufacturer: adidas

20 times champion of Greece, 16 times winner of the Greek Cup and 4 times of the Greek Super Cup is the list of the Honours for Panathinaikos. Last year they celebrated 100 years of existance. For them I made two sets of kits, one for domestic competitions and another for European Cup. The design is based on the template I made for Ajax, the front orizontal panel was chenged into three stripes (darker green for domestic kits and white for the international). The traditional combination (how is presented on Uefa official site) is green shirt, white short and green socks although they play very often in all green.
This variant is used more often then the previous one.
Another variant with white socks.
The away kit is opposite to the home kit, white shirt, green short and white socks.
An all white away kit is used often.
The third kit is all black with green collar and trims.
The European kits are almost the same as the domestic one besides the three white stripes on shirt and the Uefa logos on the sleeves.
A second variant for the home kit, all green.
Another variant of the home European kit with white short and socks.
For the away kit I combined the white shirt and socks with the black short from the third kit.

The third kit for international games is a mix between the home European and the third domestic kit. I made green turnovers for socks only for this version.


  1. Bravo!!!,

    Ma uimesti tot mai mult cu creatiile tale.


  2. very very very nice.. bravo..

  3. I wish Adidas sees your work and make those shirts!!! They are incredible!!! Your are very talented!!!

  4. wishing your ideas to come real ..your work is fantastic .. why they dont have ideas like yours???

  5. Your work is exceptional. Thank you very much! I wish the adidas master designer offers you a job. :-)

  6. thats awsome!!! :D hope these kits will be made in real life someday! :)

  7. very cool stuff. are these on as well?

  8. Hi
    good work
    you must fix a shirt like 1930. This the shirt og the biggest victory over olympiakos 8-2!

  9. Tony Fabrizio
    Hi Zoran

    I would like to speak with you about designing kits for me, I have set up a kit company and putting together some designs for the factory
    please send me an email to talk about it

  10. Zoran,

    I am elated. The TP Mazembe kit radiates pride and ambitions. I wholeheartedly thank you for making the TP Mazembe name known worldwide. Once again, thank you!


  11. I wish Adidas sees your work and make those shirts!!! They are incredible!!! Your are very talented!!! Sports Good

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