Sunday, November 15, 2009

F.C. Liverpool fantasy kits

Full name: Liverpool Football Club
City: Liverpool
League: Premier League
Stadium: Anfield
Fouded: 1892
Shirt sponsor: Carlsberg
Kit manufacturer: adidas

At first I wanted to remake my old Liverpool design, made on an oldest template and poor quality, but well accepted by viewers on DF and FSC, but I changed my mind and used the new template, same as the Germany and Bayern kits.
A few modifications: the three stripes on the shoulders, the V neck, and thinner trims. Modiffied the crest because don't like the current one with that green colour on it.
The away kit is white, in my oppinion the right choise for away games for Liverpool.
For the games against Manchester United, West Ham, Aston Villa this is a version with black short (from the third kit).For the third kit I wanted to chose from yellow kit with red stripes and trims, green-black or gray. But because this is the last season with Carlsberg on their shirts I chosed the green colour, and assorted it with black short.
Here's the yellow version with number 8 Gerrard on the shirt.


  1. Fantastic blog and some amazing designs on here...You've got a real talent!!!!!

  2. Thanks,
    you also have an intersting blog, keep on

  3. Wow... Great designs, you should be working for Adidas - I even like the green (which I usually hate!!)