Saturday, January 23, 2010

Gold Coast United fantasy kits

Full name: Gold Coast United Football Club
City: Gold Coast
League: A-League
Stadium: Skilled Park
Fouded: 2008
Shirt sponsor: Mineralogy, HYUNDAY, Westpac, WAECO, SOLO
Kit manufacturer: Reebok

This is a requested design for Gold Coast United, team from Australia. I made a design based on the Reebok logo, feature that is present on the shirt, short and socks. The colours are yellow with blue. The multitude of sponsors are making the kit a bit coloured, therefor I was not insisted on a complicated design.
The away kit is ll white, as the real one, with blue features.As I saw in Australian League are used two kits, home and away, but I made a third one, all blue with yellow features.


  1. I want download this me do do to download this?
    quiero descargar esos templates. como podria hacerlo?
    what are the name of templates?

  2. answer me here:

  3. Zoran, I dont know if you noticed, but that detail in the sides remind me of one of the lines on the Reebok logo.
    If you were to use it the other way around (thick part towards the back, thin part to the front), you could even incorporate the other two lines and make it work nicely with the cut of the shirt. Id be a return to the "huge reebok logo" design that was so famous! XD

    I dont know, just thought id point that out...

  4. You guessed it well, it is a part of the Reebok logo. Ten years ago used to draw kits with big Reebok logo on them. I could try to do again, why not? Thanks for the tip :)

  5. Once again, great job. Would love to see a version of the Melbourne Victory strip (my team), and also the Socceroos... Keep up the terrific work!


  6. Thanks Koops,
    Melbourne Victory will be.

  7. So how do i download these Kit?