Saturday, February 27, 2010

C.F. Monterrey fantasy kits

Full name: Club de Futbol Monterrey A.C.
City: Monterrey
League: La Primera División (Mexico)
Stadium: Estadio Tecnológico
Fouded: 1945
Shirt sponsor: BIMBO, JAVER, CARTA BLANCA, Bancomer, Coca-Cola, KIR, Ruffles
Kit manufacturer: NIKE

Finaly made a requested design, after some World Cup kits. This are the kits for Mexican team C.F. Monterrey. Very complicated task in my oppinion, with strange colour combination and a lots of sponsors (I made to put 7 sponsors, left out the one on the left arm, under the FMF logo, and the one from the socks). I try to balance the colours on the kit and therefore I made the lower part of the shirt and the upper part of the short in red colour. Otherwise the shirt has dark blue and white stripes, the short is dark blue and the socks are red. Because of the multitude of the logos and colours, tried to make the design as simple as possible.
Another used combination for Monterrey is with dark blue socks.
The away kit is all white, only the collar and the trims are blue with red.The third kit is orange with dark blue short, simple design again with white stitches all over.


  1. O_O beautyful!!! i´m not "rayado" (fan of monterrey) BUT... this kit is exellent O_O is better (actually) than the real XD

    you are incredible ^^

  2. well im ''rayado'' all of my entire life
    and I dont like the red in the monterrey's jerseys and the polo, but i know that you can make better than that

    you are the best designer ive ever seen

  3. Hi gues I want to buy t-shirt on CF Monterrey (orange model)
    Can you give me an address ?

  4. can you make one with out the co logos??