Friday, February 19, 2010

Slovakia World Cup 2010 fantasy kits

Name: Slovakia
Federation: Slovak Football Association
Confederation: UEFA (Europe)
Founded: 1938
Kit manufacturer: adidas

A new adidas concept for Slovakia, team that qualified for the first time to a World Cup. The design is based on three vertical stripes on the front of the shirt and on the back, on the lower part. Two of the stripes has continuation on the sleeves. The collar is white and the trims on the sleeves has the same colour as the shirt. The short has an unusual design for adidas, only one vertical stripe, in my oppinion more fit for this design, that three stripes. The socks are blue with three white horizontal stripes, and white turnover.
A second version of the home kit, used in games vs Germany, Brazil or other teams with blue or dark short.
The away kit is all white, opposite to the home kit. The only change is the red colour of the adidas logos instead of blue.
A version of the away kit used against teams with white short (Mexico, France an many more).


  1. Hello from Slovakia!

    I love your designs and this one for our national team is really cool! I like that you use this concept for first time for our country (e.g. Germany and Nigeria has similar designs) and also you use red color of logos on away kit. In 90's we wear white shirts, blue shorts and red socks sometimes, after 2000 were slovk kits always just blue or white, so it's nice to see red color back :-)


  2. Hi Myso,
    the colour scheme you mentioned I associate with Russia, the Slovakian national team I remember in all blue (Nike). Recent pictures about the team also are all blue or all white.

  3. Well, it's really hard to find some photos in higher resolution, but there are some pictures where you can see Slovak national team with white NIKE shirts, blue shorts and red socks:

    Spain - SVK, WC 98 Qualification:

    Italy - SVK, friendly 1998: or there is video on youtube - Del Pierro's goals, at 1:10 is a goal against Slovakia:


  4. These jerseys are much better then those real from Adidas. I like most the last version with white shirt, blue shorts but the socks could be red like in good old days:

    But beautiful. ;)