Sunday, April 11, 2010

U.S.A. World Cup 2010 fantasy kits

Name: U.S.A.
Federation: United States Soccer Federation
Confederation: CONCACAF (North America)
Founded: 1913
Kit manufacturer: Nike

For the USA kits I used the Australia and Serbia template with a major modification, the Nike feature is in different colour then the rest of the shirt. Also the thin horizontal stripes are coloured not just stitches. The home kit is white-dark blue-white.
An all white version of the home kit, as can be used in games vs Spain, Portugal.
The away kit is opposite to the home one, the only change is the red crew neck on the shirt (instead of white).
A second version of the away kit with dark blue short (from the home kit), suitable for games vs all white teams.


  1. u¬¬ ok... i hate that team... because i am mexican XD but... is a very good design, the ego of nike showed on the chest is a great detail :) very good

    but i hate the us football team u¬¬

  2. fuck all you who hate us soccer team dickheads