Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hungary (Magyarország) fantasy kits

Name: Hungary (Magyarország)
Federation: Hungarian Football Federation (Magyar Labdarúgó Szövetség - MLSZ)
Confederation: UEFA (Europa)
Founded: 1901
Kit manufacturer: Adidas

The Hungarian and Romanian designs are made on the same base template, only few differences between them. The home kit has the traditional Hungarian colours: red shirt, white short and green socks. The classic three stripes are only on the socks, while on shirt and short the stripes are more distant.
The away kit is opposite to the home one, white shirt and socks, red short. The short can be used on the home kit as change variant.
The more often used version of the away kit is all white.


  1. Hi man :)

    you made a design for jabal almukaber ,,

    the maneger of the club whant to make it for real do u have any way to make it real ?

  2. No Allan don't have this possibility. I just draw this designs :)

  3. Hey man :)

    First of all great job on the website, one of my favorites for fantasy football shirts. :)

    I hope i'm not being too rude but would you mind sending me the template for this Hungary kit?I would like to do some editing on it.I don't intend to post them on the web, I just want to test a few other teams with the same template.

    Thanks .

    Here's my email:

  4. Oh I forgot to say I use MS paint :)