Friday, May 28, 2010

Jabal Almukaber fantasy kits

Full name: Jabal Almukaber
City: Jerusalem
League: West Bank Premier League
Stadium: Faisal Al-Husseini Stadium
Fouded: 1976
Shirt sponsor: -
Kit manufacturer: Puma

This kits are requested, I didn't find more information about the team and the design and the colours where requested this way. The home kit is green-red and white shirt with black trims, the short is black and the socks are white.
The away kit is orange and black with white trims.


  1. hello zoran!
    i just need ur help once again..
    could u make a design for my favourite local club in malaysia,Selangor FC?
    any positive response from you is highly welcomed..

    *if u need any assistance regarding this club, u could ask me.. :) thnx!

  2. Bună ziua Zoran.
    L-aş cere să faci kituri Atletico Paranaense (BRA).
    Îmi place munca pe care nu şi-ar dori să vadă "Uraganul" între ele.
    Sponsorul este Philco.

    Mult apreciat,
    Bruno da Silva Kochak

    (PS: Imi pare rau daca făcut nişte greşeli ... am folosit Google şi cuvântul numai eu ştiu în limba română este "Steaua")

  3. Hi Bruno,
    Google make funny translations, but no problem I appreciate your effort. Your request is on the waiting list.

    Kind regards,

  4. thanks very mach man ,, :)
    but why didn't you ask for more info !!
    City: jerusalem
    Stadium: Faisal Al-Husseini Stadium
    thanks allot :D

  5. Thanks alot zoran

    u r the best,,
    Jabal Almukaber Fan club

  6. plz if u dont mind if u can desgin kit for palestine national team

  7. and another one for wehdat club in jordan