Friday, June 11, 2010

World Cup 2010 Group A - games 1 and 2

Long time ago I used to make similar plates for the big tournaments. Then I had lot more free time to write the details and draw the kits worn for each game. Now I don't have so much time, but the technology help us to do faster all kind of things. After I have finished the 32 teams for the World Cup I got an idea to make the plates for each group. Then I thought why not make it for each game, and here are the plates for the first two games. Until the end of the World Cup I decided to post only this plates. My only participation will be at the Copa de Mockups and Campeonato de Mockups competitions. A break at designing (new kits) is necesary, because I get a bit tired.
Shortly I will present one plate, the rest of them will not need any other explanations. The plate will contain the name of the group, the date and the place of the game, the referees, the result and the goal scorers, the line-ups and the managers of the two team. Also an important part of the plate are the kits of the teams, not the real ones but the fantasy designs made by me, respecting as much as possible the colours of the kits worn in the game.
The first game was between South Africa and Mexico:
The second game in the Group A was Uruguay vs France:

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