Saturday, August 28, 2010

C.F. Pachuca fantasy kits

Full name: Club de Fútbol Pachuca
City: Pachuca
League: La Primera División (Mexico)
Stadium: Estadio Hidalgo
Fouded: 1901
Shirt sponsor: Gamesa, Ado, Iusacell, Office Depot, Marti, Pepsi, Banorte
Kit manufacturer: Nike

Another request is for a tem from Mexico, Club de Fútbol Pachuca. The home kit is blue and white, shirt with stripes on the body and a white band on the shoulders and sleeves. The shorts and socks are white with blue features.
The away kit is orange and black, same template as the home one, the only difference is that the back of the shirt has no black stripes.


  1. Hi Zoran, I'm Chris uccupied with graphics for some time.
    I come with a question: Can I use your shadow in my work?
    Regards Chris
    Przepraszam, ale mój angielski jest słaby. :P

  2. hi hi, long time no post here :) I glad to see a mexican team again, I really like your work and you know it.

    I love your design for the away kit, is beautiful, I prefer this design than de nike one (actually... I´m not a fan of nike u¬¬)

    but... first time I find a but... I guess you took as basis the actual nike design =/ which have a little big problem, the pachuca´s shirt is white with blue stripes =/ nike confuse this and make it blue with white stripes... although this detail, I like it, you could in a perfect way with AAAAALL the f"#$ed sponsors that appear in mexican shirt :)

    and, again, congratulations for the mockup contest :)

  3. Russia in red maroon please send to thx