Friday, September 24, 2010

Club de Regatas Vasco da Gama fantasy kits

Full name: Club de Regatas Vasco da Gama
City: Rio de Janeiro
League: Campeonato Brasileiro Série A
Stadium: Estádio São Januário
Fouded: 1898
Shirt sponsor: Eletrobras, Ale
Kit manufacturer: Penalty

Finaly the long waited (and lots of time spent for it) CR Vasco da Gama kits. This is my first design for the brand Penalty, so the research was a bit longer then usual. One nice surprise was when I find out that Igor Cavalera, the former drummer from Sepultura (one of my favorite band in the past) is working with Penalty and make designs for some Brazilian clubs. In this case he designed the third kit for Vasco. The home kit is all black with a white diagonal band on the shirt. The red colour is also present (the numbers and thin stripes and trims). The number on the front is present on the lower part of the shirt instead of the shorts. I changed the main sponsor's logo (left out the green-blue-yellow logo) to avoid too many colours on the shirt. I kept the blue for Eletrobras and also for the Ale logos from the shoulders.
The away kit is all white with black bands. The red colour is present on the cross and numbers. The thin stripes and trims are gray.
The third kit with this colour scheme is not very useful but as I saw in South American leagues (and Mexican also) the meaning of the third kit is different than in European leagues. Lots of teams have more kits in the same colour scheme. So I made the third kit white and black. On the left shoulder is a big red cross, the crest of the club. This feature is present on the back of the socks also. Otherwise the design is simple, only a thin line on the sides and lower part of the back of the shirt and shorts. The numbers, logos and name are black. No other colour besides black, red and white is present. I hope Igor Cavalera will be proud of me if he will see my designs :)


  1. Veeeery nice kits, Zoran. Soon I hope to see CR Flamengo in your portfolio, too.

  2. I think i already say this but....Fuck you are good :D
    Very good blog, and maybe you can made the kits of the "Club Sport Cartagines" from Costa Rica.

  3. @Carlos: I'm glad you like my work so much, but please don't use anymore de F word. I don't mind, but maybe are kids also who are watching my blog. Thanks

  4. but you are (the f word) good XD sorry...

    i like the third one =) not only the shirt, the entire kit n___n

    i guess you are better than some brands :)

  5. First at all i want to apologise myself.
    Forget hay i say before.
    Forgive me please.
    And thank for put CSC in the list.

    PD: As you can see i can use other F words :D

  6. No problem, maybe I was too harsh :)

  7. Hi Zoran,
    I like your work very much, very creative and presentable. Anyway, My name is Fredrick. I am running a small company specialising in sports uniform. I was wondering maybe we can work together, and I am interested to hire your design service for our product.If you are interested, please contact me on

  8. hey can you create Germany and Portugal UEFA 2012 fantasy kits?

  9. I will put them on the waiting list

  10. vasco melhor time do rio de janeiro e o unico que tem estadio

  11. Cool you have done to my shirt Vasco da Gama. Time ago I had asked you to do, and you said you'd do. The Penalty has a pretty uniform, but just think you should cut down on the small details placed on either side, so the diagonal band would be more in evidence and he was clean in its design emphasizing the diagonal band.

    Very good Zoran

    Hugs from Rio, Marcelo ...