Friday, January 28, 2011

Associação Portuguesa de Desportos fantasy kits

Full name: Associação Portuguesa de Desportos
City: São Paulo
League: Campeonato Brasileiro Série B
Stadium: Estádio do Canindé
Fouded: 1920
Shirt sponsor: Votomassa, Banif Banco
Kit manufacturer: Penalty

This kits are also made for a Mockup Competition, therefore the competition logo is present on the front of the shirts. The theme is home and away designs for Portuguesa, team from second Brazilian league. The colors of the home kit are green and red for the shirt (hoops), white shorts and socks. On the left sleev is present a patch in red and green colors, on which is written: "Orgulho de ser Lusa" and means "Proud to be Lusa", Lusa is the nickname of Portuguese. Also on the front of the shirt is present a watermark consisting this slogan.
The away kit is based on the home design, green shorts and socks, white shirt with a red and a green band on the upper part of the shirt. The watermark is more visible here, because is red and green.


  1. nice kits :) just... color combinations of the team seems like christmas candy XD I liked second, good luck in competitions n__nb

  2. Some of your best work to date yet my friend.

  3. thanks both of you, yes they are complementary colors, but lots of teams from Portugal and Brazil use this color combination, as the Portugal's flag. The association with the Christmas candy is because of the lighter shades used here :)

  4. Zoran. Some really nice work there. Well done. Veryt interested in a new kit for our football club if you are interested.

  5. Thanks, contact me on my email:

  6. The home kit is excellent. Lots of nice details on these jerseys.The angle change for the stripes is very nice thought.

  7. Zoran,is nice blog, very well designed, I love this proposal.
    I like these designs.

    A big greeting from Argentina, and I hope you visit my blog.

    PD: Sorry for my English: S

  8. Zoran, these kits are brill, keep up the good work are they available to buy or are they just samples?? i love the corinthians kit, fantastic, i am looking for a kit for my team and the colours were after are graphite light grey sky stripes? with around colour sponsored by nike, could you help thanks regards ashley