Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Manchester United fantasy kits

Full name: Manchester United Football Club
City: Manchester
League: Premier League
Stadium: Old Trafford
Fouded: 1878
Shirt sponsor: Aon

As I promised, here are the Manchester United kits made on the previous template. Two set, one for Premier League games, red-white-black for home, and white-black-white for away. The shorts and socks can be changed between the two kits.
The second set is for European matches, red-white-white for home kit and all black (with dark gray) for away kit.


  1. hi =D away and third are beautiful n___n but the first... i don't know, i feel two lines is too much betweet neck and shoulders, but is only my opinion :) i love the black kit *O*

  2. I agree with Zeruch about the home kit. Lose the stripe on the back, and the one at the bottom and it would be perfect.

    I wonder what the away would look like with the same collar as the home shirt? I'm not keen on the coloured panel on the front of the shorts, but it looks good on the back. Perhaps if the front was all black it would be more striking? I don't think that red devil on the shorts works though.

    The third is a great design too, but I think that dark midnight blue would work better than gray (remember the ill-fated 1994-95 kit?)

    Over all, I'm nit-picking really. They are far better than any of the actual Nike kits they've designed for us.

  3. I really like the second one.
    Greetings from Costa Rica

  4. thanks to all for the comments. I will post the modified home kit, on the away one the V neck don't fit so good as the collar. Will post also one all white version of the away kit.
    Greetings to all

  5. E X C E L E N T
    I love it!

  6. I love your design very much ^^

  7. Try to send it to Nike. :D it's nicer that Nike's design :3

  8. Great! Much better than Nike's one.

  9. Are You can share link this kit fantasy of pes 13 for me ?
    Sorry my english is so bad...:)