Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Poli Timisoara

Full name: Poli Timisoara
City: Timişoara
League: ??????
Stadium: Dan Păltinişanu
Founded: 1921
Shirt sponsor: BkP
Kit manufacturer: lotto

I know that in my presentation you can read that this blog is about football shirts, and you will expect to find a new football kit, but unfortunately my rage is so big and I want to express myself about this issue. I will not present any detail, because the media from Romania lives this days from this subject and they already presented in all possible way this matter. The fact is that the romanian football federation made (again) a big injustice towards Poli, towards Timisoara, towards thousands of Poli fans. A team that finished second in the League (after a so cold "otelul" club with some help from referees won the league) and prepared for the Champions League qualifiers, is now in a big trouble, with players and fans who don't know in which league will play next season. The club was licensed for the first league, but after a couple of weeks blocked to participate in the Champions League and relegated in the second or third league (they don't know exactly). Many rules were violated, interpreted in many ways, just to give them the possibility to destroy this club. I follow the club's forum and I read every day tons of complaints from the fans, they are just desperate, because this is not the first time when Poli or Timisoara are persecuted by the federation or the ruling clubs (steaua, dinamo and lately cfr and otelu). Anyway the solution for the romanian football is now the population of the first league with teams that didn't pay their players since 9 month, or don't have stadiums where to play, or are some mediocre second league clubs (with first league license!!!). and all this under the guidance of UEFA. Good job "frf", keep it up, in this way the football and the fans will be eradicated from this country.


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  2. Unfortunedlly, Nowadays the football is a mafia, we have the same problem here in concacaf, with our president Jack Warner, is very sad :(

  3. Hello,

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  4. Thanks Alexander, my email:

  5. Have they been reinstated to the top league? This news report seems to suggest so and also goes on to say that they have pulled out of European matches for the next three years. Seems like they dodged a bullet after the rumoured relegation down a couple of divisions, but a painful compromise too.

  6. Zoran, Poli are wearing your Celtic hoops now ?