Sunday, June 3, 2012

Olympiacos FC home and away fantasy kits

Full name: Olympiacos Club of Fans of Piraeus F.C.
City: Piraeus
League: Super League Greece
Stadium: Karaiskakis Stadium
Founded: 1925
Shirt sponsor: ΠΑΜΕ ΣΤΟΙΧΗΜΑ
Kit manufacturer: Puma

These are my kits for the second round of Champions League kit competition held on Football Shirt Culture site.


  1. Hi Zoran - would like to get you on our Channel 5 news programme. Are you based in London or near by? If so please call Jayson 0207 098 2999

  2. Hy Zoran, What a nice design you've made, I really appreciate it..
    Btw, would you help me to make a design for my Football Team which name WTFC, i want to make it with a Dark Green colourway and white combination and put the "WTFC" names on the chest, adidas/puma :)
    I'll wait your reply in my e-mail :
    Thank You

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  4. Hey Zoran, can you give me the name of your program that lets you design kits? I have a notebook full of fantasy kits and I'm curios to know what you use. Here's my email thank you