Saturday, November 28, 2009

Denmark World Cup 2010 fantasy kits

Name: Denmark
Federation: Danish Football Association (DBU)
Confederation: UEFA (Europe)
Founded: 1889
Kit manufacturer: adidas

The fifth team made for the World Cup project is Denmark. I choose Denmark because I made the template for Real Zaragoza, and think that it fits good this team. Because the adidas skretches are mostly on the back and the front of the shirt was a bit plain, I incorporated a watermark based on the Danish flag. The home (first) kit is red-white-red as continuation of the last years adidas designs (the previous kit manufacturer, hummel made some different stiles of designs with pinstriped halves,different colour sleeves or horizontal stripes).
The home kit has also a version with red short, very possible to be ised at the World Cup games vs all white teams.
The away (second choise) kit is the opposite to the home kit, white-red-white.
A secon version of the away kit with white short, for games vs Portugal for example.
Made also a third all blue kit, similar as design with the red one, only that here the white part from the botom of the shirt and the upper part of the short ar dark red colour.


  1. Are fine,but I do not like blue kit

  2. Nice work Zoran;personally I'd have the collar be white just to break the red up a little bit on the home kit and vice-versa on the away. The blue kit though seems a little bit odd-it's more like something Iceland would wear :) How about this for a suggestion: a red and white halved kit as an homage to the Hummel kits of the 1980s-Preben Elkjaer and and the like; but then it might be impractical...

    Nonetheless-looking forward to the other countries' kits.

  3. I liked more with the collar in the same colour as the shirt, and for the break you mentioned used the thin line on the front of the collar.
    About the blue kit, I find out that was used in an away game vs Poland, and was made only for that game. Seemed to me interesting to do a third kit. Most likely someone would ask me to the blue kit, as was asked to do red shirt for Scotland, burgundy for Mexico, red for Germany, blue for Serbia.
    After your suggestion made the two halfs shirt, but don't realy hapy how it is, so I will not post it. Anyway the '86 World Cup hummel kit was unic. I have had in mind a different colour sleeves version, but choosed the one colour shirt and concentrate more on the watermark from the front of the shirt.
    Anyway thanks for your suggestions, about the Greece kit, I have had in mind a watermark based on the Greece flag (something like the Denmark shirt) but you changed my mind, and find out something more interesting based on the "Greek key" motiv.

  4. pozdrav!
    Ovo što radiš je stvarno nešto najbolje što sam vidio na netu,ja sam nešto malo poceo,ali ovo tvoje puno bolje izgleda.
    Sa kojim to programom radis? otkuda template skidas?

  5. Zdravo Siniša,
    Hvala i radujem se što voliš moj rad. Radim u Photoshop a template uradim sam.

  6. Ja sam zasad samo na 2d primjercima,mozda dok se usavrsim budem i ja mogao ovakve raditi :)
    Znaci,ovaj adidasov template na kojem si napravio Dansku i Zaragozu ustvari ni ne postoji u stvarnom zivotu?
    Skinuo sam jucer ss09 template pack,ali toga nema medju njima...

  7. Nema, samo na mom kompjuteru. Ne upotrebim nikakve template, ja uradim sam sve, a dizajni su moji, koliko se može originalni.
    Srečno sa crtanjem

  8. Quality design in my opinion. Great work, Zoran!