Friday, November 27, 2009

Real Zaragoza fantasy kits

Full name: Real Zaragoza, S.A.D.
City: Zaragoza
League: La Liga
Stadium: La Romareda
Fouded: 1932
Shirt sponsor: Telefonica, Aragon Television
Kit manufacturer: adidas

Here is a requested design for Real Zaragoza, based on the adidas skretches instead of stripes. A new approach, with the main part of the design on the back of the kit. The home kit is classic white shirt, blue short and white socks.
In the away games, Real Zaragoza used to play in all blue, red and blue and yellow with black. So putting the all blue kit for the away kit is arbitrary.Another away kit, third choise, has red shirt, blue short (from the home kit) and red or white socks. Here is the version with red socks, because it's more often used.
Finaly, the fourth kit is the yellow-black, which is important for the club, because represent the colours of the Iberia SC, team wich merged with Real Zaragoza for making the club as it is today.


  1. The Red shirt Blue shorts kit is very nice.

    Pozdrav Petar

  2. Zoran are fine, just a few things.
    The yellow and black, the shirt should be black and yellow striped. That's why we call this kit, the Bee.
    Most recently in the club do not put it so, and is the main anger of the fans.
    Then Babic, Ayala and Pavon, now are not very dear, Goni, Lafita, Ander are our current start.

    Our kits classic, are the home, white shirts, blue shorts and white socks, the away, black and yellow striped with black shorts and black socks, and the third a red shirt, blue shorts and white socks.