Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sydney Rovers F. C. fantasy kits (update)

Continuing with this project I add some new kits. First is all red with black collar and trims, black adidas stripes.
The second variant for the red shirt has black short and red socks.
The third kit, I named it special because it follows the design of the crest, with one sleev red and another black. This kit can be used as away kit in special ocasions.


  1. Looks great Zoran-that special away strip matching the club badge is terrific; reminds me of Fulham's kit of a few years ago-the Puma one I believe with the Pipex logo on the front.

    Top notch-you really should email them with these designs and get the recognition your talent deserves.

  2. Hi Petar,

    Great to hear from you and thanks for your interest in our club.

    On the club colours and strip the A-League has very strict guidelines set by the FFA. As you might expect we are well down the path of developing our team strip in accordance with the requirements of our licence so we won't be able to use your suggestions included here. Please thank your friend Zoran for his thoughts.

    Thanks again for your interest.


  3. The Special one is the best one I think. That would be the one to use all the time

  4. Mr Dynamite, glad to see you're back. Realy mised your oppinions about my work.
    Thanks Andrew glad you like it.
    To do this designs were interesting an fun for me. I wish all the best for Rovers and when they start to play in A-League I'll be their supporter.

  5. Thanks Zoran-I appreciate your sentiments; I've been very busy of late but still take the time to view your creations. I'm waiting with baited breath for your World Cup 2010 Collection; seeing as Greece got in as well my interest will be that much more intense; you may have seen the current offering by Adidas-I thought it was a poor effort which looked more like a training kit-and I will stake everything yours will be superb as is your usual standard of work; admittedly their Euro 2008 shirts were nice...

    But I digress. Keep up the great work; it's always exciting to see what you'll come up with (I though the 3 Adidas "scratch marks" were genius by the way).

  6. You have right about the new Greece kits. But generaly don't make comments about kits, especialy when I don't like them.
    About the World Cup project is going slowly. That's because I will not made all adidas with one template, or puma or any other firm. There will not be 32 templates, but I'll try to make some difference between the teams, not by their rank or reputation, but their specific and tradition.

  7. And that's why you're great Zoran-I knew you'd make special templates for the teams acknowledging their history/tradition etc. hence why doing all 32 kits will be a "labour of love"

    By the way-I think a nice element for the Greek shirts would be a meander pattern (otherwise known as the "Greek Key") on it-as a suggestion mind you. :)

    And also, I like how diplomatic you are about kits you aren't fond of etc.-that diplomacy/objectivity is very refreshing and serves you really well in being able to make judgements on a design/aesthetic level rather than a knee-jerk reaction like the rest of us football fans.

    Take it easy.

  8. Hi guys,
    Just wondering how you guys got in contact with Ian and the team over at Sydney Rovers office?

    Its still at its early stages but I want to propose a logo to them.

    contact me if you can help.
    ffred (at)

    Great kits by the way!

  9. Thanks Ffred,
    I didn't know how to contact you via, but I send your message to my Australian friend from Sydney, and ask him if can help you.
    You can contact me on

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