Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sydney Rovers F. C. fantasy kits

Full name: Sydney Rovers Football Club
City: Sydney
League: A-League
Stadium: -
Fouded: 2009
Shirt sponsor: LG (fantasy)
Kit manufacturer: adidas (fantasy)

Supposed to be the 12th team of Australian A-League, Sydney Rovers will play most likely in the 2011/2012 season. This design was requested by my friend from Australia, Peter Radović. I don't realy know much about the club, didn't see any kits from them. This design is based on the template used for Fluminense adidas kits, and is very alike with A.C. Milan. For the home kit I made three versions. The first version has black short and socks, black shirt with red stripes and white pinstripes between the black and red stripes.
The second version has black/white/red striped shirt, whith short and white socks.The third version has black/white/red striped shirt, whith short and black socks.
The away kit is all white with red trims and red adidas stripes on shirt, short and socks.The third kit is yellow shirt with red trims and red adidas stripes, black short (from the home kit) and yellow socks with red adidas stripes.


  1. The sydney rovers fc shirts are excellent a job well done.



  2. quality work mate, well done.
    i love the first one and the white one. the gold looks great too.
    love your work.


  3. a fantastic job!

    love all of them

  4. Thanks Petar and Chris, I do my best

  5. Striped shirts are the best tops to have can see them clearer on the pitch I think, don't know if that is just me though!

  6. You have a point about the stripes, but I think that the colour combination is more important. If it's a contrast between the colours they are more vizible.