Thursday, January 7, 2010

SSC Napoli fantasy kits

Full name: Società Sportiva Calcio Napoli SpA
City: Napoli
League: Serie A
Stadium: Stadio San Paolo
Fouded: 1926
Shirt sponsor: Lete
Kit manufacturer: nike (fantasy)

The business, holidays and some health problems kept me away from designing, but now I'm back. I start with the requested teams and here is SSC Napoli kits with Nike instead of macron. The home kit is traditional sky blue and white.
An all blue version of the home kit.
The away kit is opposite to the home one.
All white version of the away kit.
For the third kit choose a darker shade of red to assort with the dark blue short and the sky blue features on the kit. This kit is usable against Lazio or Juventus.


  1. dear zoran,this is not your best can do it better...try it again with another style,another design...PLEASE...thank you so much,your a big fan(ANDREA) and admirer of SSC NAPOLI

  2. and aif it's possible change the LOGO....take it directly from the official website of the SSC NAPOLI(

  3. Sorry Andrea if I dissapointed you. Maybe it's because I'm not 100% recovered from an injury. But I'll try to re-make it.

  4. okok....don't worry...i can wait.. :)

  5. i liked too much the ADIDAS style that you used with AC could be perfect for NAPOLI