Thursday, March 11, 2010

Club Deportivo Guadalajara fantasy kits

Full name: Club Deportivo Guadalajara S.A. de C.V.
City: Guadalajara
League: La Primera División (Mexico)
Stadium: Estadio Jalisco
Fouded: 1906
Shirt sponsor: BIMBO, TOYOTA
Kit manufacturer: Reebok

I was always a fan of the Club Deportivo Guadalajara kits. Nice colour combination gave me the pleasure to work at this design. It's something similar to what Reebok produce this days, with big logos on sleeves, shorts sides and back of the socks. The shirt has white and red stripes and the sleeves are dark blue, same as the short and the socks.
Another usual version for the team with white socks (from the away kit).
The away kit has blue shirt, white short and socks, but can be used also in different combination.
An all blue away kit.The third kit is light green,white and black, same design as the home one. The only difference is the black panel on the front of the shirt.


  1. Hi. Very nice kit... you have amazing design skills ;)

    Can you tell me which software do you use to create the kits?

    Thnks in advance :)

  2. Hi Markitos, thanks for the comment. I use Photoshop.

  3. u¬¬ incredible... but... it´s better than the original XD only the last one... was very stupid from Vergara (the owner of the team) and reebok to created the green shirt >.<

  4. ahhh ahhhh... a little question :"> you made your template of the kits? or you downloaded it?

  5. Thanks ZERUCH, didn't find more informations about the third kit, so I tried something like the green/yellow kind of kit.
    Yes I made my templates. Almost every design is from zero. Somethimes I use one template and made changes on it.

  6. ok ^^ actually, chivas play with the third kit... never XD so... don´t worry about that kit :P

    I like your templates ^^ and your designs, some are better than the reals XD like... this u¬¬

    may i suggest something? i like to see a design of the kit of "santos laguna" or "pachuca" or "atlas" of curse, if you want/can ^^

  7. Your request have been noted. As I explored the web for informations about the mexican clubs I made so far, I thought to do more teams from Mexico. ALso more teams from Americas will be made.

  8. zoran, Could I please have your design template?
    please answer