Tuesday, March 9, 2010

France World Cup 2010 fantasy kits (lcs)

This is a requested kit by Bastien on the http://www.footballshirtculture.com/ site. After the positive comments about the kit, choosed to post it here too. This is the le coq sportif template used for Everton some months ago, only some minor changes on the kit.
The away kit is white shirt, blue short and red socks, the combination used some decades ago as second choice.


  1. Away is nice too !

    Only one criticism : it looked better with "Bastien" written on it, instead of "L.Diarra". Who is this guy ? :)

  2. He was angry too when he saw your name and ask me to change it for his :))

  3. hi could you do a cool top for coleraine football club. they are a northern irish team their nickname is bannsiders and they always wear blue and white stripes as their home top was wondering if you could change their look. oneil now makes our kit. could you email me when you have it done cheers jay. jaytonian@yahoo.co.uk

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