Sunday, March 7, 2010

Club Universitario de Deportes fantasy kits

Full name: Club Universitario de Deportes
City: Lima
League: Primera División (Peru)
Stadium: Estadio Monumental
Fouded: 1924
Shirt sponsor: SAMSUNG, CRISTAL
Kit manufacturer: UMBRO

This is a requested design for the current champion of Peru, Club Universitario de Deportes. The team wear for home games this colour scheme, crema with red for shirt and short and black socks. I don't know much about the team only few pictures find on the web, so I don't know if they use to play with other color combinations then this and the away one presented here.
The away kit is used to be red or dark red for shirt and short with black socks.


  1. this is fantastic, the pinstripe design is original and brilliantly executed, and it has both the colours of the team on the shirt.

    Universitario play in these colours all the time, Ive naver seen a third kit, as the rules on clashing are more lax in south america, and they play in a Unique colour scheme.

    Nice one Zoran

  2. THANK U, man...the kits are awesome!!
    and yes, these two are the only colors we use. Once, in 2004, Umbro release a reversible kit (like the england kit): it was DarkRed in the front and Black in the reverse-as a third kit- but they never use it in a game.

    Congrats, for the blog, bye