Saturday, March 6, 2010

England World Cup 2010 fantasy kits

Name: England
Federation: The Football Association
Confederation: UEFA (Europe)
Founded: 1863
Kit manufacturer: umbro

England is the only team qualified for the next World Cup wearing umbro kits. This kit was a big challenge for me, because England presented the perfect kit in the current context (plain designs with little drawings and more use of different fabrics and stitches). Therefore I felt that the design must be something different, but still simple. There is not much design, but use of some dark red lines. My favorite England kit is with dark blue socks associated with dark blue short and white shirt. This colour combination was used mainly in the first half of Englands football history.
In the last decades the kit has white socks as this variant.
The away kit is traditional red-white-red with dark red lines.

1 comment:

  1. Nice Zoran-the home kit reminds me of the 1998 world cup effort with the red lines/accents minus the blue and red bars of course. The away kit speaks for itself-it's simple and classy.

    Excellent stuff.