Friday, March 5, 2010

Spain World Cup 2010 fantasy kits

Name: Spain
Federation: Royal Spanish Football Federation
Confederation: UEFA (Europe)
Founded: 1909
Kit manufacturer: adidas

With this team a manage to do half of my project. The 16th team is Spain. Kind of retro design, with the return of the black socks. The shirt is red with three yellow horizontal stripes on the left side and on the lower part of the sleeves. The yellow stripes are made each from other three stripes. This feature is present on the blue short and on the socks also.
A variant of the home kit with blue socks, as they wear some years ago.
The away kit has blue shirt with red trims on sleeves and yellow stripes. The short and socks can be white or blue.
An all blue version for second choice (away games).


  1. Hi, congratulations for your blog. In the away kits with the white short the flag is the catalonian flag!!

  2. Thanks, glad you like it. Allow me to correct you about the Catalonian flag, there are 5 yellow horizontal stripes (bands) and 4 red stripes (bands). On the red band from the back of the short are three sets of three thin stripes each. There's no chance to match the two things.

  3. I know, but the impression is that is the flag of Catalonia. Only it was an advice

  4. hallo sir :) may i can download your mookup? im from indonesia