Friday, July 16, 2010

Copa Do Mundo de Mockups kits

With great joy I present my participation to Copa Do Mundo de Mockups, organised by a kits design comunity called Mockups de Camisas de Futebol.
Here is the link for the blog were the competition was hosted:
The theme of the competition was the World Cup 2010, and I had the task to make the home and away kit for Italy.
The design is the transposition of this one made for the World Cup project . The presentation was mandatory on the template used by all the 32 participants.
The competition was based on the real World Cup game style, 8 groups with 4 teams each. In every group the teams are played against each other, and the votes of the 32 participants represented the final score for every game. After the group stage followed the las of 16, the quarter-finals and the semi-finals. After the semi-finals were played, the two finalist had the task to made the kits for one of the two real finalist (Spain and Netherlands), the same for third place play-off game (Uruguay and Germany). Therefore I made the designs for Spain.
This is a version for the away kit that was not posted, I was not sure wich of the two away kit to chose.
This is the original design on wich is based the one used in the Final.
And here is the stamp wich shows that I won the competition.
It was an interesting competition with lots of good designs. I want to thank to the organizers and to the competitors to for choosing my designs as the winner. Also about this competition and other news and information about kits designs you can read (if you understand Portuguese) here:


  1. Hello, Zoran. I'm Pedrim, a organizer of the community "Mockups de Camisas de Futebol" and the leader-writer of "MockupMagazine". Do you want a partnership (link exchange) between our blogs? Come on in my blog e answer me by a comment.
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    Thank you!

  2. Well done Zoran-that only confirms what everybody else has said about your talent. Maybe you ought to put that as a water-mark down the bottom left-hand corner of your work just to remind everybody ;).

  3. Thanks Mr Dynamite, it's not a bad idea :)