Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Club Atlas fantasy kits

Full name: Club Social y Deportivo Atlas
City: Guadalajara
League: La Primera División (Mexico)
Stadium: Jalisco
Fouded: 1916
Shirt sponsor: Akron, Coca Cola, Corona, Sky, Megacable, Aero Mexico
Kit manufacturer: Atletica

Yet another Mexican team, Club Atlas. The task was easier, because i had the base made for the Santos Laguna design, also with Atletica. If I understud well, the "z" is something new on Atlas kits. On my kits there are lots of "z". The design is based on the z features on the sleeves and sides of the shirt and shorts. The colour of those features is a dark shade of red, something between red and black, the colours of Atlas. There are also a touch of white (the trims and logos). I think the colour scheme and the proportion of each colour represents the Atlas badge.
The away kit is all white, black trims and red features on shorts and socks. The z features are dark red only on the sides of the shirt. On the sleeves and shorts are white, but from perforated fabric.The third kit is all black with white trims and dark red z features. The kit clashes with the home one, may be usefull only in games vs teams wearing red-white kits.


  1. Another nice set of kits, the Z (for the teams nickname, Zorros) is a nice feature here, a good innovation for the team.

    One thing, the Badges, the maker logo and the Coca Cola logos might be a little too high on the shirt.

  2. mmmm... i don´t understand why every person place one sleve in red and the other black, althought a lack of knowledge of the team u¬¬ but Atletica... is so difficult to make a kit clean, simple and elegant that this? i guess no.

    excellent work, really, you shut me up with the mannagement of the "Z" of the Zorro, you make it great, master :) (and you understood well, the Z appear no more than 2 years ago)

    and the differences between firts, second and third kits, very good, since some years first and third were almost the same and you changed that :)

  3. Yes MW, you have right, the logos are a bit higher then usual, but that's because of the Coca Cola logo.
    @Zeruch: I don't have contact with Mexican football (and lots of other countries). My only source of informations is the internet. But there is the Language barrier too. What I saw in the pictures, Atlas had both red sleeves (Kappa), both black sleeves (Atletica), also one black, one red same as the halfes, or oposite to the halves. So I thought that is not a specific rule about that.
    I saw that they use different style of red-black shirts at the same time, I thought to change a bit and use more black and just a bit darker red and white.

  4. well... but you, without real contact with mexican football (except saint google XD) made 3 excellent kits, because you made them originals... and i guess is the most important thing when designning.

    however, great job

  5. OMG!! Dude you are my god! All yours kits are AWSOME, i have few questions, please contact with me by email: