Monday, September 13, 2010

F.C. Santos Laguna fantasy kits

Full name: Futbol Club Santos Laguna
City: Torreón
League: La Primera División (Mexico)
Stadium: Estadio Corona
Fouded: 1983
Shirt sponsor: Soriana, Lala, Corona, Pepsi, Penoles, Banamex, Aero Mexico
Kit manufacturer: Atletica

I must admit that I never heard about Santos Laguna before it was requested to do their kits. When I saw the first pictures with them I was impressed. Altough the multitude of sponsors, in different colours, I managed to see the perfect combination between white, green and black. Many will say there's Celtic Glasgow, club with much longer history than Santos Laguna, having the same colous scheme on their kits. But Celtic has more traditional kits, without variations. Santos Laguna had almost all styles: horizontal stripes, vertical stripes, all white without stripes, stripes with white sleeves, gradient coloured stripes, black features (stripes, bands). Innitialy the design was more complex, but when I start to put the logos on, I must simplified id and the result is almost good for Celtic too. Some of the sponsors were left out and some are positioned in different places. ALso the number and the club's crest were positioned on the sides of the shorts, instead of the front. Also the logos on the socks leave so little options to do.
The away kit is same style as the home one, black instead of white, very usefull for the games vs teams wearing all white or striped shirts. The third kit has the colour scheme as the real one, a bit strange combination because it's clashing whit the other two. Anyway I liked this shade of green and I used it too.


  1. why... no no no, wait... how you CAN place the sponsor´s mass atack of Santos Laguna in that perfect way and Atletica didn´t? O____O

    when i suggested this club never thought that you really can place all the sponsors´s logos, you really really are a genious O____O

    is clean (all the pack of kits), elegant, classical (if you saw the new ones... well, you understand me), incredible.

    congratulations, you are better than all the design´s group of Atletica... MASTER!!!

  2. Congratulations. Nice site and good idea.
    But one question? to create a shirt image, what program you use?

  3. @Zeruch: many thanks, you are right about the new kits, unusual for Santos Laguna. I work now on the second Atletica design, for Atlas. Hope you will like it.
    @DonRaffy: also thanks, I work in Photoshop.

  4. =O really? great =D i guess that atlas has one of the most beautiful kit and you can create a great group of kits for that :)

    aahhh ahhh... a little recomendation u¬¬ please.. don´t place de stupid Z of the Zorro... it´s new and a lot of fans continued trying to understand it. i´m eager to see it =D

    oh yes, a question too, do you ever thought about creating an own sport brand or to selling your designs? i think some of your designs are better than the real ones :)

  5. Dear Zeruch, you will be surpised. Very surprised. At the time when I read your message, the kits were finished but not posted yet. So there is no connection between your request and my design. Enjoy :)

  6. XD no problem, i already saw the design, excellent, i like it, you are a great designer :) (and work quickly O___O )