Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Real Madrid fantasy kits

Full name: Real Madrid Club de Fútbol
City: Madrid
League: La Liga
Stadium: Estadio Santiago Bernabéu
Fouded: 1902
Shirt sponsor: bwin.com
Kit manufacturer: adidas

These designs are made for my brother, a big Real Madrid fan. The design is based on the original Real Madrid kit, with an oblique stripe. Here the stripe is coloured only in the upper part, on the left shoulder. The adidas three stripes are white as the kit and can be seen only in the parts where intersect the dark blue trims and the oblique stripe.
The away kit is dark blue with golden three stripes on the sides of the shirt, shorts and socks. The three stripes on the sleeves are in the same colour as the shirt. The oblique stripe is darker shade of blue than the main colour, also the trims.The third kit for Real is not so necesary, and often clashes with the away kit (regarding the colours, all dark coloured kit), therefore is presented and used as European kit. I choosed a lighter shade of purple for the shirt and darker shade for shorts and socks and trims aswell. The three stripes are white.


  1. Great work with your brother. The only but is the band at home, I like to stick or even go with gradient.

    But I love cuffs in blue and white stripes.
    Great work, yes sir.

  2. wow... I didn´t know that about the stripe in the original real madrid´s kit O___O

    the first and the second are beauty :)simple and clean, less is more.

    the third kit... actually to me is not necesary and the purple is not my favorite color, but is good, maybe with the darker color as basis and the lighter in the stripe, but, is the third... XD

  3. Very beautiful kits!! Congratulations!! The first and the second shirt, are realy beautiful!!

  4. Thanks all for the comments.
    Zeruch, I have the same oppinion about the third kit, it's useless (I mentioned that in my post) but I guess they want to sell more and more kits, and maybe some day will invent a fourth...
    The purple was the second colour for Real, so therefore many like to see it on the home kit also (the stripes or trims).

    1. hiiiii zoran how to download them for fifa 12

    2. pleaseeeeeeeee help me out i would be thank ful

    3. cannot download them for Fifa 12, the designs are not Fifa templates

  5. XD yes... one day, maybe we will see first and second kits for the league and fisrt and second kits for the "europa" tournament u¬¬

    well... however :) look very good

  6. u can make it in pes 2011...??
    great work

  7. I love the design, I hope that it can be made in reality

  8. very good like its team

  9. Please!!! who can make this kit for pes 2010 ... i very need it :(

  10. Can You Send For Me The Design In Ai Or Cdr File ???
    To : tghsetiadi@gmail.com

    Thank You :)

  11. hi sir I really love your work!!!!!!!! Can you please make Iraq soccer jersey design for me please friend

  12. send me an email please... my email is rany_guitar7@hotmail.com

  13. Dear Iovanovici Zoran,
    Can you make 3 different kits (home, away, and a third alternate kit) for New York City FC #NYCFC that has the color combination of sky blue, navy blue, and white? They are owned by Manchester City and New York Yankees and start playing in the MLS in 2015. Some people are speculating their kits will have pin stripes like the iconic home baseball uniforms of the New York Yankees. Here is their official website with their introductory T-shirts they are showing off at their public news conference.