Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sydney FC fantasy kits

Full name: Sydney Football Club
City: Sydney
League: A-League
Stadium: Sydney Football Stadium
Fouded: 2004
Shirt sponsor: Sony, Hyunday, Bing Lee
Kit manufacturer: Reebok

Sydney FC was requested and in the meantime subject of a competition on the Campeonato de Mockups site. So here are the kits this Australian club. The home kit is sky blue shirt with dark blue shorts and socks. The real sponsor is present on the back of the shirt, because the mandatory one for the contest was Sony, present on the front of the shirt and shorts. Because of the design of the shirt the Hyunday logo was moved on the shoulder, instead of the sleev. The dark blue sock instead of sky blue was my choice, giving an elegant look to the kit.
The away kit is dark blue shirt, sky blue shorts and socks. On this kit are also white features on the sides.
The third kit has a colour scheme inspired by the crest, orange and white halves on the shirt, blue shorts and white socks with orange turnovers.


  1. Simple and nice, just the way i like it.
    Very nice kits

  2. Hey Zoran!
    Really nice kits!....Love the 3rd one!
    Still wondering why you didn't get a job in a huge company yet!

  3. =D nice third shirt, i like that a lot

  4. Excellent work Zoran! The third kit is brilliant; it reminds me of Feijenoord but then you used Sydney's crest colours to perfection.

  5. hey XD i just noticed that you changed again your basis for the kits, nice, i guess is better this, you can show the whole shirt :)

  6. can you also make a puma europe unity third kit, like the one they made for africa?

  7. Hey Zoran

    you accepts partnership?

    My blog is

    Luiz Fernando Pilato

  8. I love manchester united team.I participated to Manchester United signed shirt Prize Draw.So my dreams may come true by this way.

  9. where i can get templates?

  10. hi, i'm from mexico
    and i want to know
    if you can make me a kit design
    for my local team.

    our name is : Zorbetes F.C
    you can watch our emblem in this page

    if you can help us, contact me:


  11. Zoran are you alive?
    any news from you?

  12. Hi Zoran!
    I'm from Hungary Zoltan!
    Your works are beautiful!
    I am also interested in how to make them, what kind of template!
    Please send an e-mail that we can negotiate!

  13. Hi Zoran,

    Great idea's for sydney fc yet they have signed with another shirt manufacture rumored to be ADIDAS

    still nice though you should post these on

    cheers steve

  14. I'm alive, very alive, and busy too. I know I neglect my blog lately, but really don't have time. Next days will post some of my designs made for Mockups Competitions.
    @fumanchukangaroo2: thanks, I don't know about Adidas, all I know is that now all A-League teams must wear Reebok.

  15. Hi Zoran,
    As off next year the whole league will be allowed to chose any shirt manufacturer they want, both sydney fc and melbourne are rumoured to be with adidas
    still slick designs

  16. Hi Zoran,
    I've seen the results of kits that you create and the results are very good
    Can I ask you please to you to make a fantasy kits for my favorite team?

    His name PSM Makassar from INDONESIA

    Thank you.

  17. Congratulations, Zoran. Very nice kits!!!
    I'm curious to see the kits of Flamengo.


  18. your design is simply great man!! where is your request post mate...i wanna request some new indonesian kits like this