Thursday, December 30, 2010

Internacional Porto Alegre fantasy kits

Full name: Sport Club Internacional
City: Porto Alegre
League: Campeonato Brasileiro Série A
Stadium: Beira-Rio
Fouded: 1909
Shirt sponsor: Banrisul, Tramontina, Unimed
Kit manufacturer: Reebok

I'm sure there will be people saying it's just another use of one previous template, but the truth is I like so much this design and I felt it will suit good Internacional Porto Alegre. The home kit is traditional red shirt, white shorts and socks. Also are features in a darker shade of red.
The away kit is opposite to the first one, white shirt, red shorts and socks. The features on the shirt are red.
Here is the new third kit with changed colors from dark blue to black and dark gray. I'll not judge anyone for this, but I simply cannot understand this color problem for some fans. There are many rival teams in the world, sharing the main color of their shirt, or one of their color, such are Manchester United and Liverpool. This year the both team has the for away kit the same color scheme, white shirt with red and black features, black shorts and white socks also with red and black. Also are rival teams sponsored by the same company, such are Celtic and Rangers from Glasgow, and in this case Gremio and Internacional. Anyway in my point of view, between dark blue and sky blue is a very big difference, but don't want to interfere in any club's history or rivalry.


  1. You ate a terrible mistake in the third, the exchange would never wear blue (the color of your biggest rival Gremio) ....

  2. *O* i missed you guy, nice kits, i like the third one :) is good to know that you are alive XD

  3. @Igor: other time no bother to comment on my designs if you don't have something to say. The difference between the blue used by Gremio and blue used for Internacional is so big, how can you even compare them?
    @Zeruch: nice to see you around.
    Have a nice and Happy New Year all of you!

  4. Great designs, although I agree with Igor, the error in the third. The blue and yellow have used other rival clubs as Cruzeiro, but hey, the kit is good enough.

    Happy New Year.

  5. Zoran, the kits are fantatics! But in the south of Brazil the rivalry between Internacional vs Gremio is very strong.

    I don't know how the colorados(Inter fans) would react to the third kit.

    Anything like blue is terrible for the Inter fans, as anything a little red is hated by Gremio fans.

    But the design is beautiful in my opinion. Back in 2002 Inter used a shirt like Ajax Amsterdam, it would have a good repercution today.

    Have a nice 2011. Regards Cassio.

  6. u¬¬ ok... so... i was the only one who liked the third XD happy 2011 zoran :) emm... may i ask you something? :P what is the meanning of the colors in the list? i guess the red is for done... but blue and white? and can you (if you have some time) do one kit for pumas unam? :)

  7. Salut Zoran !
    In primul rand iti spun si e La multi ani si multa sanatate tie si familiei tale !
    Second:d... ce se mai aude cu concursul pentru echipamentele Politehnicii?

  8. Great kits my friend!!! I like the third, dark blue. Make Mazembe kits, hehehe!!!
    A happy new year!!!

  9. @NyronNK and Kay Cardoso: I hope the picture I post will help you with the color used on the third kit.
    @Zeruch: Happy New Year to you and to all my friends who are visiting my blog. About the colors: the request are in white, the blue are done in old style presentation, the red are done in new style presentation. Pumas Unam on the list.
    @Razvan: multumesc si La Multi Ani si tie si familiei tale. Despre concurs nu am gasit nimic oficial, doar ce mi-a citit un prieten in ziar. Am vorbit cu Vlad, dar nimic concret, insa m-au contactat cei de la club. Proiectul este in lucru :)
    @Diogo: Thanks, Happy New Year to you too!

  10. O__O wow... so your request list is... O___o wow... XD i want to see your next work :) have an excellent year, and thanks for answering everything all we ask you ever :)

  11. Zoran, Why don't you create a fantasy kit for Cruzeiro?
    Sponsor: BMG, Netdhoes

  12. Salut bucur sa aud ca "esti in carti". Si nu ma indoiam ca Vlad te va ajuta...e un baiat serios si foarte de treaba.
    Iti tin pumnii in continuare...te salut !!!

    Qe que deu? Seu time não chegou lá ainda? Gazela. Vai comemora estadual FDP

  14. Awesome work, but I don't want to see my team wearing any king of blue on a match kit

    If the main color was black it would be better

  15. thats not dark blue in that picture dude, its grey and black. great designs btw, way better than anything reebok has ever come up with for inter.

  16. Kind*

    but its really an awesome work

  17. The third uniform will never be used by Internacional, change it to grey/black

    Try manking another kit similar to the one Internacional used in the World Club Championship in Abu Dhabi.

  18. Jesus! The third kit is fail... Never, never, never, S.C. Internacional will never used any small blue detail in its kit. We, COLORADOS, hate blue colour.

  19. Man, blue never!!! Blue is the color of a shit team, the Gaymio, our bigger enemy.


  21. please post again the third kit .. tnx

  22. where is the third kit?

  23. igor.. tomar noteucu beleza ! fdpp

  24. your design is much better than our original design by reebok , but we will never wear blue! we cant accept anything from our biggest enemy, even share the same colours. RED RULES!
    great job dude.

  25. I understand that it is difficult for you to understand the rivalry between Inter and Gremio without experiencing this reality. but the rivalry between these clubs is among the largest in the world. clubs are forced to share the same sponsor for uniforms, because companies fear being boycotted by rival fans if they choose to sponsor only one of the pro clubs. to have an idea, the advertising boards of Coca-Cola in the Olympic Stadium (belonging to the guild) are black instead of the traditional red. and Tim and Banrisul, the sponsors of the inter, use the red uniform in Colorado instead of the traditional blue. Santa Claus at an event held at the Olympic Stadium, home to some appeared wearing blue. and on two occasions (1967 and 2009) asked the fans in the stands gremistas gremista the stage that players lose the game that did not help the exchange to be Brazilian champion (and were met)
    ps> sorry for not being an English speaker. I used the google translator to translate this text

  26. Now understood as the Inter can not wear blue?
    We are the biggest rivals in the world!!
    We are more rivals than Jews and Nazis!
    We are more than rival Coke and PESP.
    We are more than rivals that Jews and Palestinians!
    Grêmio Copeiro !

  27. MAZEMBE uma vez acontece, MAS EM B 2X jamais!

  28. Ae Igor gazelona, veio espiar o manto...

    Vai achar uma lenha pra rachá, trouxa!

  29. Hey Inter, Vai tomar no CU !

  30. Beautiful!!! excellent designs!
    A question, ¿could you spend this wonderful template?

    Sorry for my bad english, i'm learning.

  31. indeed excellent designs