Monday, August 15, 2011

C.R. Flamengo fantasy kits

Full name: Clube de Regatas do Flamengo
City: Rio de Janeiro
League: Campeonato Brasileiro de Clubes da Série A
Stadium: Estádio Olímpico João Havelange
Founded: 1895
Shirt sponsor: Procter & Gamble (Gillette, Duracell), Banco BMG
Kit manufacturer: Olympikus

After many requests, here is CR Flamengo from Brazil. Red-black hoops on the shirt and socks, white shorts, this is the traditional color scheme for Flamengo's home kit. The Gillette and Duracell logos are different on the real kit, but this is how I like it, instead of the large battery on the back of the shirt and the DESODORANTE \o/ Gillette on the front. Also the Banco BMG logo I like it white on red/black better than orange. But I think the sponsors have a different idea about that.
The away kit is white/black/white, with a different use of the home shirt template. The sleeves and the upper part of the shirt are the same, just the colors are inverted.


  1. san you tell me how to do all of this jersey...i want to know...share it do u do it...FANTASTIC

  2. I support Flamengo. Traditionally, "Mengo" supporters like more the Home shirt with larger hoops designed like mid-80's ( But you gave a new look at the kits. As a supporter I say: "very nice!".

    Although in "real world", people would probably reject because of another brazilian team, Vitória (from the state called Bahia), that has the same color scheme and has history of using different size hoops in the same jersey.

    You said what I thought about the new sponsors. Any doubt or comment about this, you can leave me a scrap in Orkut.

    High five! :-)

  3. I really like the away, great pattern. Both are kits that i would love to seein reality.


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  5. I do not know, a Flamengo tradition and it has always been respected, kist are beautiful, but is inconsistent with our traditions, the stripes can change the thickness, but they should all be equal.

    Understand, I speak as an avid, because the kits are very well done as usual.

  6. Boas!

    Devo dizer que gosto imenso deste blogue!

    Podem adicionar os meus aos vossos links? Eu prometo que retribuo :p

    Saudosos cumprimentos!

  7. jersey flamengo beautiful.. congrats

  8. Hi! You have the same thought of ALL Brazilians: BMG has to be WHITE on colored backgrounds...

  9. i missed you, you are one of my favorite designers in all the web.
    Excelent kits, i really like the away.
    Good Job and greetings from Costa Rica